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This make up sponge is a clear favourite among makeup artists, beauty editors, and the general makeup-loving population.


The soft latex-free sponge applies a seamless coat of liquid, gel, and cream formulas leaving skin flawless instead of clumpy and coated.


The Blender with its dark appearance will give less visible with darker foundations, bronzers, and cream blush, which tend to stain the lighter sponges.


The edgeless teardrop shape will ensure a streak free application.

Best used with your favourite liquid or cream based products such as foundation, concealer, cream blush and more.

The design allows you to use it dry as a regular makeup sponge, wet for easy blending and stippling of your day cream or foundation, and damp with setting powder for a flawless finish.

This sponge is also vegan, cruelty-free and latex-free so you don't have to worry about allergies or harmful chemicals on your skin.


You can use this with whatever make up your have in your bag right now

Teardrop Beauty Make Up Sponge Blender

SKU: 5065014973172
  • Use Wet: Apply warm or cool water to the sponge.

    Squeeze out excess water, you need to get off any excess water as you just require this blender to be damp.

    Once damp you will notice the blender expand and become softer. Then for the best results stipple or pat/ bounce the liquid or cream make up products into your skin.

    The dampness from the Water helps the make up come to the surface of the sponge so you will end up using less make up.

    This will also get the makeup onto your skin where required and give you that flawless finish your looking for.

    You can fine tune with the use of the pointed side to get into the hard to reach places such as skin surrounding your eyes, around your nose and around your mouth and any other small area

    Use Dry: Apply Powder products to the dry sponge as required and blend out.

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