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Purple Crush 10 Piece Iridescent Brush Set with Sponge 


Glow in luxury with our Iridescent Brush set.

Though it's a simple design, the iridescent quality of these brushes is sure to impress.


This set is the perfect option for a glam girl on the go.

The 10 Piece Iridescent make up set has everything you need to stay looking fresh and feeling fabulous all day long.


Made with synthetic vegan Friendly bristles.


Also includes a make up sponge which is latex free.

10 Brushes and sponge included in set.

Brushes and functions include:

01# Angled Blush Brush

02# Highlighter Brush

03# Small Blender Brush

04# Eyeshadow Brush

05# Eyebrow/Eyeliner Brush

06# Crease Blender Brush

07# All Over Shader Brush

08# Tapered Blending Brush

09# Foundation Blending Brush

10# Powder Brush

Also Includes Purple Make Up Sponge

Purple Crush 10 Piece Iridescent Make Up Brush Set with Make Up Sponge

SKU: 5065014973134
  • Brushes - Use these brushes to apply your favourite liquid,
    cream, and powder makeup products.

    Make Up Sponge - Use Wet: Apply warm or cool water to the sponge.

    Squeeze out excess water, you need to get off any excess water as you just require this blender to be damp.

    Once damp you will notice the blender expand and become softer. Then for the best results stipple or pat/ bounce the liquid or cream make up products into your skin.

    The dampness from the Water helps the make up come to the surface of the sponge so you will end up using less make up.

    This will also get the makeup onto your skin where required and give you that flawless finish your looking for.

    You can fine tune with the use of the pointed side to get into the hard to reach places such as skin surrounding your eyes, around your nose and around your mouth and any other small area

    Use Dry: Apply Powder products to the dry sponge as required and blend out.

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