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The Ultimate in best quality and luxurious brush set! This 17 piece pink make up brush set is a professional grade set.


Contains everything you need for your full face look.

The synthetic bristles are perfectly sculptured to ensure your have accurate precision, with ergonomic wooden handles for a more luxurious look.

Brushes Included And Their Uses:
Eyelash and Eyebrow Brush - This brush can be used with or without product. Use to brush brows and/or lashes to enhance definition.
Eyebrow Brush - Create great filled and shaped brows. Use this brush with any gel or cream products to line and define.
Smokey Shader Brush - Ideal for use with pressed and loose powder eye shadow. Great for the creases of eyes.
Eyeliner Brush - Angled super fine eyeliner brush for the finest lines. Use with cream/ liquid eyeliner
Petit Pencil Brush - Pointed tip brush which is great for creating detailed eye looks. Apply a smoky eye and definition to the crease and shadow to edges.
Blending Brush - Great for blending all types of makeup from eyeshadow to liquid foundation. The all rounder make up brush.
All Over Shader Brush - All over shader brush. Very versatile, sleek and luxurious, Great for applying or layering eyeshadow over the entire lid.
Liquid Foundation Brush - Brush designed to create a smooth, perfect and flawless look with any foundation application. Can be used with any primers, liquid or cream foundations.
Angled Foundation Brush - Foundation brush that allows the brushes angled shape to place product where required and glide along the contours of your face.
Stippling Brush - An essential brush used for applying thin layers of make up which will create pro results when used with medium to full coverage make up. Use with foundation or contour, blush and bronzer.
Big Powder Brush - A big fluffy brush for a variety of uses. Designed to set your make up in place with translucent/ bronzer powder to flawlessly blend make up into the skin.
Angled Powder Blush Brush - Angled blush brush giving precision application to give a sculptured look. Can be used with cream liquid or powder blush, bronzers or highlighter.
Highlight Powder Brush - Pointed shaped highlighter brush that helps precisely apply powder, cream, or liquid highlighter for a radiant, glowing finish.
Cream Foundation Buffer Brush - Brush that mimics your fingers to allow a natural look that buffs and smooths giving an airbrushed finish. Use with powder, cream, and liquid formulas.
Contour and Concealer Brush - Help achieve a flawless look along the cheeks, forehead and jawline for contouring and concealer application. Use with powders, loose bronzer liquids, and creams.
Large Fan Brush - The full, fluffy, fan shaped brush is great for blending and achieving subtle contour all over, This brush is also great for softly sweeping away eyeshadow fallout and cleaning any excess powders.
Small Fan Brush - Make your highlight pop with this small fan brush. Perfect for powder, cream or liquid highlighters. Sweep gently on areas required for desired subtle effect.

Luxury 17 Piece Make Up Brush Set with Free pink or white makeup brush cleaner p

SKU: 5065014973042
  • Use these brushes to apply your favourite liquid, cream, and powder makeup products.

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